A list of training opportunities for skills development during COVID-19.


Technical/Production opportunities offered by SQ supporters:

Some other opportunities as recommended by Stage Queensland members:

Box Office/Marketing opportunities offered by SQ supporters:

  • Artifax has tripled their usual free training sessions "Artifax Academy" to clients. To register for a session email Emily. All sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session Artifax can send you the recording. Sessions range from 20mins to 45mins and cover topics such as: searches, administration training, end user training, calendar, reports, and invoicing.
  • Vivaticket has been assisting customers by updating reports with additional information to make it easier for financial reporting in the current environment, created new webpages and reports to facilitate customer refunds and started working on additional enhancements for when venues begin to re-open. Vivaticket has also been providing online, instructor led training for customers to boost skills in organisations at all levels including box office and marketing. Training is available to best take advantage of the enta application and venues can contact Vivaticket to create a customised training plan that meets their needs and business goals. Vivaticket has also been working on enhancements to websites, integrations with Mailchimp and Power BI that are tailored to an individual company’s needs.  For additional information, the team at Vivaticket can be contacted on: 1300 682 203, by emailing Support and emailing Sales for any sales enquiries, contact